Insaan Udhaas Hotha Hai
Tho Jee Barker Ro Letha Hai
Lekin Aaj Tho Ay Dosth
Ansoo Bhi Udhaas Hone Ki Shikayat Kar Raha Hai

Insaan Ko Jab Koi Dukh Hotha Hai
Woh Doosro Ke Saath Apne Dukh Ka Batwara Kar Lethe Hai
Lekin Aaj Tho Ay Dosth
Dard Bhi Dukhi Hone Ki Shikayat Kar Raha Hai

Insaan Ka Dill Jab Koi Dukatha Hai
Uska Dill Toot Jaatha Hai
Lekin Aaj Tho Ay Dost
Dill Bhi Tootne Ki Shikayat Kar Raha Hai

Aur Insaan Jab Thanha Hotha Hai
Woh Gham Ko Gale Laga Letha Hai
Lekin Ay Dost
Aaj Tho Gham Bhi Thanha Hone Ki Shikayat Kar Raha Hai

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