Shikavaa Karuun Main Kab Tak Us Apane Meharabaan Kaa

Shikavaa Karuun Main Kab Tak Us Apane Meharabaan Kaa
Al-Qissaa Raftaa Raftaa Dushman Huaa Hai Jaan Kaa

(How Long Can I Complain Of My Friend, Kind And Wise
Step By Step He Has Grown Into An Enemy Of My Life)

Dii Aag Rang-E-Gul Ne Vaan Ai Sabaa Chaman Ko
Yaan Ham Jale Qafas Men Sun Haal Aashiyaan Kaa

(The Grove By Set Ablaze By The Brilliant Hues Of The Bloom
Anxious In Our Prison,We Heard The Fate Of Our Nest)

Har Subah Mere Sar Par Ik Haadisaa Nayaa Hai
Paivand Ho Zamiin Kaa, Shevaa Is Aasamaan Kaa

(Everyday I Face A Calamity Fresh And New
To Be Buried In The Dust, Is What The Heavens Devise/want)

Kam-Fursatii Jahaan Ke Majmaa Kii Kuchh Na Puuchho
Ahavaal Kyaa Kahuun Main, Is Majlis-E-Ravaan Kaa

(The Lack Of Time Of This Milling Crowd Defies The Senses
Don’t Ask Me Where It Goes, This Flowing Tide Of Life)

Yaa Roye, Yaa Rulaaye, Apanii To Yuun Hii Guzarii
Kyaa Zikr Ham Safiiraan Yaaraan-E-Shaadamaan Kaa

(Crying Or Making Others Cry, Thus Have We Spent Our Lives
Tell Me Not O Friend Of The Lucky/happy Guys)

Qaid-E-Qafas Men Hain To Khidmat Hai Naaligii Kii
Gulashan Men The To Ham Ko Mansab Thaa Rauzaakhvaan Kaa

(Now That We Are In The Cage, We Raise Painful Wails
When We Stayed In The Garden, We Were Given To Elegise [Sing Of Mourning])

Puuchho To ‘Mir’ Se Kyaa Koii Nazar Padaa Hai
Cheharaa Utar Rahaa Hai Kuchh Aaj Us Javaan Kaa

(Go Inquire From Meer Is He Has Perchance Fallen In Love
The Youth’s Face Seems To Be Looking Quite Pale Today)

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