Sher Ke Parde Mein Main Ne Gam Sunaayaa Hai Bahut

Sher Ke Parde Mein Main Ne Gam Sunaayaa Hai Bahut
Marsiye Ne Dil Ko Mere Bhii Rulaayaa Hai Bahut

[Marsiyaa=elegy/song Of Mourning]

Vaadii-O-Kohasar Mein Rotaa Huun Dhaade Maar-Maar
Dilbaraan-E-Shahar Ne Mujh Ko Sataayaa Hai Bahut

[Vaadii=valley; Kohasar=mountain;
Dhaade Maar-Maar Ke Ronaa=to Cry Very Loudly]

Vaa Nahiin Hotaa Kisii Se Dil Giriftaa Ishq Kaa
Zaahiraa Gam-Giin Use Rahanaa Khush Aayaa Hai Bahut

[Vaa=open; Zaahiraa=in Reality/in Fact;
Gam-Giin=sad/drowned In Sorrow]

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