She Looks At Her Own Reflection

She Looks At Her Own Reflection
Staring With Eyes Of Inspection
Flaws Is All She’s Able To See
A Smile Inside Unable To Set Free

But I See Her As If Inside The Mirror
Looking At Her Hold Back Tears
A Beautiful Heart And Beautiful Face
Feeling Like She Has No Place

But So Many Who Would Die To Be
The Person Whom She Can Not See
The One I Look At From Inside
The Sorrow She Is Unable To Hide

She’s Beautiful In Every Possible Way
If She’d Only Learn To Live In Today
Golden Heart With Invisible Scars
Her Happiness Locked Behind Bars

A Weak Knee Ready To Lean
A Closed Mouth Ready To Scream
A Frigid Heart Afraid To Break
Because This Time It Might Not Recuperate

Destined Eyes With A History Of Cries
Confront Her And There Are Only Lies
Why Can’t She Live The Life She Dreams
Or Finally Let Out Her Held Back Screams

Why Can’t She Smile At Herself
Just Forget The Tomorrow And Live Without Fear
Why Can’t She Just See What I See
Looking At Her From Inside The Mirror

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20 Aug 2008 No Comment 2

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