Who Are You? ?
You Recreate Yourself
As The Need Arises…
Putting On Display
An Assortment Of Disguises
Filling Needs Within Our Souls
As Only You Can Do…
Shifting Shape With A Plan
And Following Your Cue

Who Are You? ?

Are You Poet Rogue Or Gentleman?
Does One Man’s Fancy Become Your Sin?
And What Of Truth
Is That The Truth That You Cleverly Create
Or Is It Truth Which You Yourself
Must Accept As Fate?

Who Are You?

Are You Wise Beyond Compare?
Do You Grasp At Straws
And Cling To Threads
Of A Life You Cannot Share?

Who Are You? ?

Are You Dust In Wind
Salt Of Ocean.
Fresh Dew In Morning?
Are You Bird Upon The Branch?
Or Are You… Simply Stated
A Wolfe In Lamb’s Clothing?

Who Are You? ?

…And When You Reappear
Will You Be Friend?
Or Be You Foe?
Will This Be The End
The Final Show
Or Just An Intermission…
Who Are You

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