Shama Bujakar Jow Ciragay Dil Jalate Hai

Shama Bujakar Jow Ciragay Dil Jalate Hai
Aase Hi Log Tow Yaha Diwane Kahlatey Hai

Unkay Chahrey Par Khuda Ka Noor Hoota Hai
Dusrow Kay Gam Mai Jo Aasak Bahatay Hai

Aatbaar Kaase Kisi Ki Vafa Par Hooo
Apne Paraye Sabi Tow Jaha Satatay Hai

Unka Payar Rass Na Aaiega Hame
Meere Dost Aksar Hame Samjatey Hai

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12 Aug 2017 No Comment 12

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