Second Story Window

The Dirt Covers The Pane So Grimy
As L Use My Hand To Wipe Away The Years Of Dirt
That Built Up As You Let It Fade In The Dark
Shining Light Through Where The Glass Bleeds Dark
I Am Coming Through And L Am Looking Inside
Stepping Inside Your Second Story Window

The First Story Was One Where You Was Cruely Denied
Love That Your Heart Seeked So Blind
And Then When You Relaised That It Was’nt The Love That You Throught True
You Pulled Down The Blinds And Left Out The World
The Cold That You Felt Had Begun To Infect Your Heart
You Let The Night Come Down And Shut Out The Lights On What Once Was

Now The Time Is Right As L Look Through The Second Story Window
The First Was Is To Be Rewritten To Mend Your Aching Heart
Memories To Be Replaced With A Warm And Caring Side
You Never Got To Know, Did You Know That It Really Can Exist
Take Away The Cold That You Had Let Build A Chill Inside
Because He Was A Fool To Make You Think The World Is All Alike

This Pen That L Hold In My Hand L Will Use Like A Sword
To Cut Away The Past That Makes You Sore
This Second Story Window When You Feel It Beating For Your Heart
Its Going To Lift Inside What Dragged You Down
For Everything So Precious In The World That You Kept Away For So Long
Love Is Such A Wonderful Thing When You Let It Into Your Second Story Window

I Cant Promise Days That Will Always Be Free From Rain
I Cant Promise Days That Will Always Be Free From Bills
I Cant Promise Days That Will Always Live Forever Not Into Night
The Impossible Isnt A Game You Can Win To Play
But When We Write Your Second Story Window
The Love L Can Promise Is Here To Stay

Many Ways To Write The Ending Of This Story
But Its A Chapter That We Cannot Close
For This Love Is Written In The Ways That We Both Know
How We Lived Our Lifes And Showed We Have Been So Kind
Second Story Window Is Breathing Life Into The Dream
That We All Had When We Were Young And It Keeps There As We Get Old

Second Story Windows That Never Shut Out That Light
The Sky Inside Is As Blue As It Is Bright
Nothing Is Fading Away, Everything Is Parading
How Deeply The Love Lies Inside The Second Story Window
The Birds Fly Freely Outside As They Come To See Inside
Giving All Our Love As Freely As It Comes So Easilya

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12 Jul 2008 No Comment

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