Seated On Silk Cushions

Seated On Silk Cushions,
A Living Goddess In Nuptial Attires.
Musk And Sandalwood Oil In The Air,
Patchouli Candle Flames And Desire,

The Dim Love Nest Illuminates.
The Naked Song Plays Its Titillating Air.
The Vertigo Of Passion Mounting.
The Lover Moves His Hands And Lips

Over His Beloved Unsullied Dewy Bride,
Sacred Love, Denudation Rites,
Perfumed Oil And Anointment Rituals,
Forehead, Breasts, Navel

Sliding To Incredible Love Spots.
With Arousal Ceremonies Commencement,
Sultry Sexiness Initiation,
The Eternal Dance Of The Universe Creation,

Noises Of Love Playing Their Tunes,
Sighs Provoking, Moans Rising,
Undisturbed Love Sacrament.
The Release Of Ecstasy.

Vulnerability And Strength,
Shyness Cast Aside,
Willingness To Display With Trust,
Openness And Candor.

The Love High Devotee Reaches Eve’s Garden
Shivers Of Fever Of Fervor,
The Vortex Of Wild Passion Brews.
Burning Flesh Seeking Assuage

And Carnal Pleasure Is Divine.
Welding And Melting In An Eternal Dance
Fondling Nakedness And Transcending
Beyond Erotic Dreams Wholeness Realizes.

As His Tongue Caresses Her Blushing Petals,
The Sweetness Of Sensual Bliss And Sultry Gratification
Wildly Intoxicate The Debutante.
Syrupy Torrents Of Honey Cascade In Her Garden

Flowing Into Rivulets Drenching It
To Blossom, Lingering, Keen On Having
The Earliest Tang Of Voluptuous Love.
Her Pearly Gate Hails His Prowess

To Overtake Her Unadulterated Dreamland
In Delight Satiating A Hungry Body And Soul.
Ceding To His Artistry Her Vestal Guard Gives In
Welcoming The Foray With The

Ritual Of The Virginal Inaugural Ceremony,
Crimson Red Wine Flowing In Streams
In The Well Deserved Garden Of Eden

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