Sawal Hain Tum Se

Ohh Meri Lotari Jate Hoi Aik Sawal Hain Tum Se,
Apne Muskan Ko Lota Dya Tum Par,

Appni Rahat Ko Lota Diya Tum Par,
Appne Rato Aur Din Ko Lota Diya Tum Par,

Appni Dil Kar Dadkan Ko Lota Diya Tum Par,
Na Zyadah Na Kam Ahstah Ahstah Apni Jaan Roh Ko Lota Diya Tum Par,

Jab Hum Khak Main Badal Gaye Tu Kya Assar Huwa Tum Par.

By Shafaq Sadat Sayed

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28 Nov 2010 1 Comment 10

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