Sabkuch Paya Hai Tumne

Sabkuch Paya Hai Tumne
Kya Khona Chahate Ho Tum

Hame Bhulana Ya Khud Ko Bhool Jana Chahte Ho Tum
Haqiquat Mein Na Shai Kamse Kam Khwab Mein Toh Aao Tum

Sun Sako To Suno Iss Bejuba Dil Ki Dharkan
Yeh Kahegi Yahi Sirf Tumse

Hamne Na Bhulaya Tumhe Kyun Hame Bhool Gayi Tum
En Aankho Mein Aansu Diya Hai Tumne

Khud Ke Daaman Ko Bhigne Kyun Bachati Ho Tum
Kabke Ke Aaj To Aayi Ho
*Aaj Toh Jaane Ki Jidd Na Karo Tum

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02 Dec 2008 No Comment 12

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