Roses Are Red Violets Are Blue

Roses Are Red Violets Are Blue.
I Just Wanna Tell How Much I Love You.
I Can’t Stand Your Sorrow.
All I Hope For Is A Better Tomorrow.

Looking At Your Only Pic Makes Me Cry.
I Wish The Distance We Hold Is Just A Lie.
Promise Me And Give Me Your Hand.
This Is My Word  I’ll Hold It Till The End.

We’ll Have To Wait For Two Long Years,
We’ll Have To Cry Together,
Those Bloody Tears.
Dont Leave Me You Are My Need.

Or My Eyes Will Forever Bleed.
Yes Its True, I Cant Change Your Fate,  I’m No God.
All I Wanna Say Is, I’ll Be Always With You,
Whether It’s Even Or Odd!

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23 Oct 2008 No Comment 4

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