Riding My Bike 1

Thought Of When Riding A Bike On The Dirt Roads In The Country-

As I Look To My Right,
I See A Golden Wavy Chip Of Brown Wheat,
It Sways Strangly As Fore There Was No Breeze,
The Brown Stems Neatly Planted Into The On Going Ground Below,
The Yellow Heads Look Like Mini Broom Stick Heads,

As I Look To My Left,
I Intake A Massive Galaxy Of Green,
Entangling My In All The Combinations Of Shrub-O-Ray,
Twisting Into A Neopolitic Of Green, Blue, And Lavander,
Jungle Green Taking Over Giving This Kansas Feild And Exotic Look,

Of Course Looking A Bit Closer,
Reading To Between The Lines If One Will,
I See A Little Red Flower,
Belonging Where It Shouldn’t,
It Boasts At Me,
Screams At Me,
And Overly Sure I Was,
It Was Trying To Gather My Attention.

To Recap Myself I Hoped Back On The Red Two Wheeler,
And Raced On Another Score Of Yards,
Stopping Again, To See An Object On The Ground,
This Time Dead Trees On Both Sides,

The Little Green Capsule,
Was The Remain Of A 44.,
Picking It Up I Studied It Like A 5 Year Old,
In Awe I Took Heed To The Dent In It,
In Despire I Abstracted The Logo,
The Hollow Mini Table It Was,
Was Chucked A Football Field Away,

Putting The Foot On The Pedal,
I Was Off Agian,
I Stopped Never Again,
Realising Time Had Lost Track Of Me,
Studying The Feilds Still I Went,
Adding More Mental Nodes.

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27 Jun 2008 No Comment 152

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