Contemplating On Life’s Foibles And Woes,
As Memories Skirt The Edges Of The Mind, The Soul ~
Filling Each Tiny Niche And Aching Crease Of The Heart
With Emotion, With Love, With Incredible Loss…
One Dolefully Asks, ‘Is Life Worth Its Toll? ‘

Embracing Mortality On A Bright Summer’s Morn,
As Shadows Blot The Most Brilliant Of Day’s Rays ~
Willing The Warmth To Creep Into The Breath, The Bones
With Forever-Joy, With Seasons Of Laughter, With Life Untold…
One Wistfully Asks, ‘Will I Find That Moment Where Warmth Lays? ‘

Wondering How, Or Why, Time Cedes To Nothing,
Nothing In The Realm Of Human Trangressions, Human Acts ~
Chilling The Reality Of Ever-Always And Forevermore
With Swipes Of Fate, With Waves Of Destiny, With Tendrils Of Truism…
One Sadly Asks, ‘Is There Reasoning To Rule What Time Exacts? ‘

Yet, Through The Shifting Shades And Mottled Colors Of Day,
Thought Grabs Hold, Holding Tightly To ~
A Slim Ray Of Hope. One Gleaming Beam Of Optimism
With Emotion, With Love, With Incredible Meaning…
And One Asks, ‘Is Life Worth Its Hours Few? ‘

And There, On A Bright Summer’s Morn,
Is The Budding Flower Prepared To Start The Day Anew ~
As The Shadows Move To Let A Gentle Ray Of Light Shine
With Sustenance, With Warmth, With Promise…
One Asks, ‘God, Can I Share That Warmth With You? ‘


‘My Light Will Lead You To The Warmth You Seek,
And On The Fleeting Wings Of Time…
Faith Will Shield You From Life’s Storms
For Your Troubles Will Be Mine ~
And My Wind Will Lift You O’er The Burdens
That Weight Your Soul With Bitter Blame,
And Carry You To A Timeless Heaven
Where Every Angel Knows Your Name.’

Faith Is Everlasting….

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