Red Are My Eyes That Have Witnessed

Red Are My Eyes That Have Witnessed The Sleepless Nights
The Daily Tears Have Made Their Own Permanent Dwelling

Tired Is My Brain, That Has Been Through Many Sensitive Fights
My Emotions Have Come Close To Losing Their Shelling

Trying To Swim My Way Across The Ocean Of Tears
I Have Come Upon Too Many Difficulties

The Water Seems To Feel Sharp, Like A Pair Of Shears
The Pain From The Obstacles Have Led To Life’s Enmities

That Monstrous Person’s Love Did Nothing But Hurt
His Cunning Temperament Caused Me To Defile

His Cruelty Kicked My Face Into The Dirt
His Domain Was Nothing But The Prospect To Be Vile

He Has Left Me, But His Footsteps Still Echo In My Ears
He Has Forgotten Me, But I Can Still Evoke His Voice

His Memoirs Bring Me On The Verge Of Salty Tears
They Have To Run Out, There Is No Further Choice

Upon Our Parting, I Had Lacked Any Feeling
But Now, As I Look Back, There Is Nothing But Sorrow

I Don’t Know Why I Believed Him….
When He Whispered “i Love You…i Will Never Desert You For Tomorrow

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16 Sep 2008 No Comment 1

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