Read This England

England Am 19 Years Old
I Know How Deep Your Waters Are
And How Thick You Blood Is
And How You Run This Island
On Working Mans Gold
And Sending Money To The Prisons
And Not The Ill Faced Children

I Brush My Teeth Every Day
And Don’t Let The Water Run
Like Most People With Tooth Brush Do

England Your Women Are Beautiful
But I See Lots Of Young Girls Pushing There Prams
With Chewing Gum And With Cigarettes
Walking To A Supermarket To Get There Shopping
With Money From The Hard Working Tax Payers

England What With All This Emo Vs. Chav
Chavez Don’t Like Rock Music
But Chavez Evolved From Mods And Skin Heads
Mods Listen To Rock Music Like The Who
I Have Never Seen The News Where Emos Or Rockers
Have Attacked Or Beaten Anyone
Its Always People Disguising Them Self’s In Hoods
Am Not An Emo Or A Chav, But A Beatnik

England Why Is Everything Going Up
Water, Electric And Gas
Will I Ever Own My Own House
Who Is Making These Rules
Why Is Nobody Protesting About All This
Instead Of Protesting About Money And Sexualities
And About Being Free
Nobody Is Free Any Way
Cos There Never Be Free In There Heads
God See Every Move You Make
Even If You Think Your In Your Own
When Will You Be Religious In You Towns
And Not Fastidious In Your So Called Great Manner
Or When Will You See Or Smell Some Justice
That Isn’t From The Sinner

Here England Here’s A Book On Science
Planets, Space, Nature, Religion, History
Human Body And Dreams
But You Throw It Back In My Face
Because Its Not Electric
Its Not New It Doest Have A Million Lights
Its Not Small Enough
When’s It Goanna End.

I See The Fast Food Joints At Dinner Time
The One With The Big M
As They Throw Away All The Breakfast Meal To The Rats Down The Alleys
And You Still Advertise Poverty In My Front Room
How Dare You
Ill Say It Again How Dare You

England Sometimes
You Make Me Wanna Live In A Hut On A Greater Island
England World War Two
Millions Of Deaths
For What
So That Old Men And Women Came Be Beaten On The Way Home
So That They Have To Stand Up On The Bus
So Young People Can Roll There Eyes At Them
So That Flowers Can Be Stolen From Graves.
How Low Can People Get

England When Can I Not Lock My Door
When Can I Walk The Streets Look At The Shops And Not See Shutters
When Can I Leave My Bike Out Side My Home
When Can I See And Feel Love
When Will You Stop These Embarrassing Early Morning Tv Shows
With The Host Always Being Half Right
When Will You Give Some Real Jail Sentences Out
When Will You Catch Some Real Criminals
And Not Wait Till You See Somebody Speeding
To Catch And Fine Them
So That You Can Get More Money Of Them

Here’s One For All You Students
Money Has Gone Up On Bus Fairs
If You Are 16 You Have To Pay For An Adults Ticket
Ok So Why Do You Have To Be 18 To By Alcohol
And 17 To Have A Cars Licence
The Government Know Millions Of Students Get The Bus To There College Everyday

When Will You Stop Killing The Air
When Will You Sort Out Bullies At Schools
When Will You Help The Hobos
When Will You End Reality Tvs Shows
Of Course There All Actors Half Of England Is Watching
Nobody Is Real

When Can I Wake Up In The Morning
Look Out My Window And Smile And Feel Like Am An Englishman

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