Raushan Kahiin Bahaar Ke Imkaan Huye To Hain

Raushan Kahiin Bahaar Ke Imkaan Huye To Hain
Gulashan Men Chaak Chand Garebaan Huye To Hain

[Some Signs Of Spring Are Visible Now, At Long Last
Some Flowers With Torn Cloaks, We Can Now See]

[Imkaan=possibility; Chaak=torn;
Garebaan=clothes/outer Garment/cloak]

Ab Bhii Khizaan Kaa Raaj Hai Lekin Kahiin Kahiin
Goshe Rah-E-Chaman Men Gazal-Khvaan Huye To Hain

[Khizaan=autumn; Goshaa=corner; Gazal-Khvaan=singing]

[Though Autumn Still Reigns But In Places, Nevetheless
The Sound Of Singing Can Be Found In Some Corners Of The Garden]

Thaharii Huyii Hai Shab Kii Siyaahii Vahiin Magar
Kuchh Kuchh Sahar Ke Rang Par-Afshaan Huye To Hain

[The Darkness Of The The Night Does Not Seem To Lessen
Yet The Colours Of Dawn Can Be Seen In The Eastern Sky]

In Men Lahuu Jalaa Ho Hamaaraa Ke Jaan-O-Dil
Mahafil Men Kuchh Chiraag Farozaan Huye To Hain

[Whether It Uses Our Blood Or Our Heart And Soul
Some Lamps Are Now Ablaze In The Gathering]

Haan Kaj Karo Kulaah Ke Sab Kuchh Lutaa Ke Ham
Ab Be-Niyaaz-E-Gardish-E-Dauraan Huye To Hain

Ahal-E-Qafas Kii Subah-E-Chaman Men Khulegii Aankh
Baad-E-Sabaa Se Vadaa-E-Paimaan Huye To Hain

[The Prisoners Will Now Awake In The Flush Of The Dawn
We Have Had Such A Promise From The Morning Breeze]

Hai Dasht Ab Abhii Dasht Magar Khuun-E-Paa Se “Faiz”
Sairaab Chand Khaar-E-Mugelaan Huye To Hain

[The Wilderness Is Still A Wilderness But With Our Bleeding Feet “Faiz”
We Have Managed To Reclaim Some Of The Thorns From This]

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