Rain On Your Rooftop

Rain On Your Rooftop
I Want To Be,
The Rain On Your Rooftop.
I Want To Be,
The Face You Know Best.
And When Your Lying In My Arms Naked,
I Want You, I Want You Laughing At Me.
We Can Picture Ourselves When We’re Old,
And Wrinkled.

Oh, My Love.
Tie Me Up Dear.
My Love,
Sleep Upside Down For Me.

I Want To Be,
The Pet You Never Had.
I Want To Be,
Your Only True Friend.
And If I Get Too Sad, You Can Leave Me.
And If You Go Crazy, I Just Might Go.
And If We Jump Off The Tallest Building,
There’ll Be No Pain.

Oh, My Love.
Don’t Lose Your Temper Dear.
My Love,
I’m Pathetic, You See.
Oh, My Love, My Love, My Love.

Won’t You Let It, Let It, Let It, Let It All Come Down.
Won’t You Let It, Let It, Let It, Let It All Come Down.
Won’t You Let It, Let It, Let It, Let It, Let It, Let It
Let It All Come Down Again.

I Want To Be,
In A Plot Down Beside You.
I Want To Be,
Dead In Your Arms.
But Until Then, I Got Time,
To Memorize Every Crease In Your Face.
We Can Listen To The Rain On Your Rooftop,
And Never Sleep.

Oh, My Love
Don’t Get Dressed Yet Dear.
My Love,
A Storm’s On The Way.
Oh, My Love, My Love, My Love

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28 Aug 2008 No Comment

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