One Can’t Fail To Notice A Room Getting Brighter Just By You Entering It.
One Can’t Fail To Be Touched By The Warmth Of Your Smile.
One Can’t Fail To Be Mesmerized By The Deep Beauty Of Your Eyes.
One Can’t Fail To Smile Along With Your Sparkling Laughter.
One Can’t Fail To Listen Raptly To Your Soothing Voice.
One Can’t Fail To Dance One’s Life To The Rhythm Of Your Heartbeat.
One Can’t Fail To Rush Headlong Into Your Embrace.
One Can’t Fail To Be Hypnotized By The Way You Move Through Space.
One Can’t Fail To Yearn For A Kiss From Your Sweet Lips.
One Can’t Fail To Be Amazed By The Perfectness Of  Your Silky Skin.
One Can’t Fail To Have One’s Heart Touched By Everything About You.
One Can’t Fail To Realize How Fortunate One Is To Share Your Life And Love With.
Thank You For Letting Me Be The One In Your Life.

by tgm 

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12 Jul 2008 No Comment 1

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