Raahein Mudti Gayi, Humbhi Mudte Gaye

Raahein Mudti Gayi, Humbhi Mudte Gaye…
Manzil Nahi Pata, Magar Chalte Gaye…

Thakne Par Kahin Aaram Kar Lete The,
Khud-Bakhud Apne Haalaat Sambhalte Gaye…

Pasine Se Hum Hadtak Naha Hi Chuke The,
Haalaat Aise The Ki Hum Chalte Gaye…

Mushkile Aati Rahi..N, Magar Pata Na Chala,
Bas Apni Dhun Mein Hum, Yunhi Chalte Gaye…

By Shadab Ashq

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09 Dec 2009 No Comment 4

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