Raag Mein Hain Taal Basa

Raag Mein Hain Taal Basa
Raag Taal Mein Hain Bhaav Basa
Bhaav Mein Hain Geet Basa
Geet Mein Hain Sangeet Basa

Haseena Mein Hain Sharm Basa
Chamakti Aankhon Mein Aas Basa
Youvan Mein Hain Moh Basa
Tan Mann Mein Hain Chahat Basaa

Do Mann Mein Hain Preet Basa
Pati-Patni Mein Hain Bandhan Basa
Madhur Milan Mein Hain Prem Basa
Janm Janmon Mein Hain Aatma Basa

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