Qismat Se Jo Milaa Thaa Mujhe

Qismat Se Jo Milaa Thaa Mujhe Do Ghari Kaa Waqt
Kaise Kata Na Puuchh Miri Zindagi Ka Waqt

Barhti Hai Aur Shiddat-E-Takleef Sau Gunaa
Aataa Hai Jab Bhii Yaad Ghamon Men Khushii Kaa Waqt

Dar Dar Bhatak Rahaa Huun Vafaa Kii Talaash Men
Dunyaa Dikhaa Rahaa Hai Ye Aavaaragii Kaa Waqt

Kam Hai Tamaam Umr Nibhaane Ko Dostii
Miltaa Hai Kaise Aap Ko Phir Dushmanii Kaa Waqt

Saayaa Bhii Saath Chhor Ke Gum Ho Gayaa Kahiin
Aayaa Hai Jab Kabhi Bhii Buraa Aadmi Ka Waqt

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05 Dec 2008 No Comment 7

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