Pyar Mein Hone Wale Halaat Badal Jate Hai

Samay Badal Jata Hai Ehsaas Badal Jate Hai,

Pyar Mein Hone Wale Halaat Badal Jate Hai,

Ishq To Vahin Ka Vahin Rehta Hai “Deepak”,

Iss Mein Hone Wale Halaat Badal Jate Hain.

By Deepak

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    22 Nov 2011 No Comment 13

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    Samay Badal Jata H Ehsas Badal Jate H, Pyar Me Hone Wale Halat Bdal Jate H, Ishq To Vahi Ka Vahi Rhta Hai Deepak, Is Me Hone Wale Halat Badal Jate H

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