Purloin My Embittered Soul

Purloin My Embittered Soul Away
The World Has Caused It To Go Astray

It Is Now Tainted With Blackness
There Is Nothing In It, But Sadness

Before, If You Glanced Inside
You Would Have Found Happiness Abide

I Have Naught Left But My Quick Breaths
Take Those Away Too, I Always Press

The Flowers Are Now Just Wilt
Their Fragrance Is One Of Guilt

I Have Instigated So Much Trouble
I Have Triggered So Many Tears

Subsequently, Which, My Essence Itself Fears
It Feels Keen To Destruct

Nonentity Will Let It Reconstruct
The Edifice Is Still Young, But Has Been Abandoned

Its Foundation Has Crumpled Away, Leaving It Stranded
Now, My Spirit If Nothing But A Living Corpse

Ready To Give Out Any Time, With No Force
So Without Hesitation…i Plead To You…i Beg To You

Fulfill My Entreaty…take This Sad Clue
Grant Me The Only Wish I Desire

Covet My Existence…for It Is Too Dire
And If You Feel A Hesitance In Doing So

I Will Think I’m Cared About…not Much Although
And If You Cry At My Absence…

If You Miss My Presence…
I Will Know I Have Left A Mark On Someone’s Heart…

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15 Sep 2008 No Comment 1

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