Pot Rice To Sun God

Pot Rice To Sun God Sugarcane To Cow And Ox
Sweet Rise To You And Me Good Milk To Friends And Family

Pongkal Is Overflow In Abundance Or With Heat
Abundance Is Aim But Not Abubdant Eelam Heat

Neither Sacrifice Today For Tomorrow Nor Tomorrow For Today
On This Joyous Day Let Thoughts Be Translated To Deeds

Weed Out The Unwanted Speed Up The Wanted
So That Next Year Pongkal Festival Will Be Real.

Milk Rice The Golden Child Came – Granting
Immeasurable Ecstacy In Her Cooking

Farmers With The Beauty Of Lion Dream
A Picturesque Memory This New Year Gleam.

Elevated Threshing Floor Courtyard The Face-Where
Month Of January Gave Love’s Kiss With Rice Share

Abundance In Red Rice And Charity – Sweet
To The Tongue January Child Glad To Meet.

With The Plough He Tills The Land – The Ploughman
Is The Old Man Ladder Of Progress Of All Human.

Dark Clouds And Sun Our Life – Milk Rice
Is Dream Field’s Harvested Crop Of Rice.

Red Sugar Cane And Saffron Aplenty – Flood
Of Happiness To Sweep Our Country.

Rise, Rise Milk Rice – Bring Smile
To The Face Of The Poor, So Rise Milk Rice.

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