Poor Bereaved Iraqi Mothers

In Iraq They Did Seek Their Glory But Iraq For Them Their Pit Of Shame
These So Called Leaders Of The So Called Coalition Of The Willing The Egotistical Who Never Take Any Blame
For Causing Such Heartbreak And Suffering And Inflicting On So Many Pain
From Past Wars Leaders Have Not Learned Mistakes Are Repeated Again.

They Will Leave Iraq In A Hurry Yet Feel No Shame In Their Disgrace
They Will Be As Arrogant As Ever When Their Moment Of Truth They Will Face
Yet The Poor Iraqis Must Suffer For Decades And Decades Of Years
And The Poor Bereaved Iraqi Mothers For Their Dead Children Will Shed Their Tears.

When Armies Invade Other Countries For A Brief Or For A Long Stay
Their Presence Trigger A Circle Of Violence That Will Last For Years After The Day
That They Have Returned To Where They Came From And Behind Them A Mess They Do Leave
They Do Breed A Culture Of Violence Where Mothers For Their Dead Children Grieve.

The Poor Bereaved Iraqi Mothers Will Be Left To Grieve For Their Dead
Where Factional Warfare Is Triggered There Is Years Of Bloodshed Ahead
In War You Will Never Find Winners And The Price Of War Is Huge To Pay
And The Poor Of Iraq They Will Suffer Through Violence For Many A Day.

Francis Duggan

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