Polvo De Tigre. . .

His Hips Play Timbales Against Her Pelvic Bone
Merged Into The Center
He Grinds ~ And, Winds ~ Then Grinds ~
Until Moon Salivates Sunrise..
And It Was The Other Woman’s Scorch And Grin Showcasing Cultivated Rows Of Blood, Wine, Skin & Lust
Along His Spine..
And The Bites, Ohh ~ The Bites..
All Sinew And Enamel Meeting In Erect Pinch..
Had His Brown Violin Shaped Mattress Known
That Cracking Open The Seal Of Heaven Would Be So Volatile, So ~ ~
His Shoulder Would Have Been Nipped Then Swallowed Long Ago..
But ~ All She’d Had To Offer Within The Chaos Of Grips And Moist Breath Was Spread Legs &,
Tear Stained Sighs Laced With Satiated Hiccups
Shoulder Blade And Pillow, Flipped, Then Ass Up..
And It Was Given, And Given, And Given ~ To The Sounds
Of Roughed Up Lips & Wet Tapped Skin
And The Sin?
~ Ahh, The Sin ~
Was Dreading ~ The Explosive End. . .

. .

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