Poetry Blog

My Daily Online
Poetry, A Blog
Of Nothing But
Thoughts Of

Stone, Petal,
A Threadlike
Of Colors
And Scents
And Personalized

Mood Swings
Moral, Amoral
Or Otherwise

Goes And Goes
Like A Train
Of Thoughts
Day By Day

Trying Always
To Figure Out
Who Am I


It Is Not To Entice
Or Corrupt

It Is Merely
A Signification Of

Here I Am
Are You There Too?

No Climbing
Of Ladders
Or Blowing Of Horns
No Choir
Of Angels
Or Boasting
Of This

Oh My God
What A Coincidence
You Think
The Way I Think

Nope, There Is Nothing
Worthy Of My Poetry
Even Myself

This Write, All The Poems
But A Poetry Blog

And So By Now
Express Your Angst

Shout, Rage,
Cool Dude, Subdue

A Stream
Of Consciousness

The Turtle Swimming In The
Deepest Part Of
This Ocean

Clouds Like Cotton
To Your Pond

I Watch, Yes, Let Me Watch
I Speak, Yes, Let Me Speak

Truly, I Am Not Interested,
I Write,
Because I Have Something To Write,
This Destiny,
Of I Cannot Get Away,

Yes, Call Me A Rambling Thought,

I Am, I Am, I Am
It Is All About, This I Am, I Am, I Am,

Today, I Am, I Am Feeling This Heaviness
And You Sit
In The Dark Corner, Telling Me,

Why Do You Write Poetry,
And Yet Here I Am Dying, And You Do Not Really Mind…..

I Beg Of You,
Do Not Try To Figure Out, To Understand, I Beg

Of You,
This Is Nothing, Go Away, Go Somewhere

I Am A Cloud, I Drift, I Am This Space Groping For Letters,
A Word Will Not Do, I Beg, I Beg Of You…..

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30 Jun 2008 No Comment 2

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