Poetical Allusion

It Was A Poetry Talent Contest.

An Old Man Slowly Shuffled On Stage,
Pulling A Piece Of Paper From His Pocket.
He Looked Very Nervous. At First, He Read
A Poem Silently To Himself.

This Made The Large Crowd Get Restless.
When He Began Reading Out Loud, He Was
Stuttering, Which Annoyed Some People.
They Began Shouting At Him.

Tears Fell From The Old Man’s Eyes. He Was
Crying. People Laughed At Him. Others
Became Silent. Fistfights Broke Out In The
Aisles Between The Two Groups.

Seeing This, The Poet Collapsed To The Floor,
Sobbing, Enraging The Crowd Even More.
They Were Screaming, Some Also Weeping.
Then The Poet Floated Upward.

His Crumpled Body Rose Toward The Ceiling.
Stunned Spectators Watched. Many Ran For
The Exits. He Kept Rising, Twenty, Thirty Feet,
Where He Tripped The Sprinklers.

Fire Alarms Sounded. Everyone Ran Out Of
The Theater, Soaking Wet. After Some Time,
Firemen Arrived, Turning Off The Sprinklers.
The Poet Was Never Found.

In The Investigation That Followed, People
Were Interviewed, Many Giving Conflicting
Versions Of What Happened. Officials Had To
Conclude It Was A Poetical Allusion.

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02 Jul 2008 No Comment

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