Plight Of The Afghan Woman

I Remember You
When You Have No Choice, No Voice,
No Rights, And No Existence.
When You Have No Laughs, No Freedom, No Resistance.
Your Pain, Your Agony, Your Silence, Your Loneliness.
Your Anger, Your Frustration,
Your Cries, Your Unhappiness.

I Remember You…
When You Are Abused, Attacked, Beaten And Veiled,
When You Are Tortured, Strangled,
Choked And Almost Killed.
You Feel Numbness, Nothingness,
Lifelessness And Tears.
You Are A Shadow, A Ghost,
A Creature With Many Fears.

I Remember You…
When You Are In The Darkness,
Stillness Of A Starless Night,
Lift Your Arms To The Sky, With Sadness And Fright,
And Ask The Universe With Eyes Full Of Tears And Pain
Why All The Crimes? For What Reason?
Can Anyone Explain?

I Remember You…
When You Will Finally Rise And Stand On Your Feet,
And Say “no! I Will Not Stand For Anymore Defeat! ”
You Will Break The Chains,
Burn The Veil And Destroy The Walls.
You Will Scream With All Your Might” Damn You All! ”

I Remember You…
When You Take The Solemn Oath That You Will Struggle, Resist And Fight.
That You Will Gain Your Freedom With All Your Might.
That You Will Never Give-Up,
No Matter How Heavy The Cost
Never Again Will You Be Confused, Pitiful And Lost.

I Remember You…
When You Gain Your Rights,
Reach Your Goals And Hope
But The Path Is Hard, Full Of Obstacles,
You Must Learn How To Cope.
To Cope With Struggling For Your Ultimate Goal.
A Reborn Woman, Free, Independent And Whole

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