Pleasure In Pain

Far Away In The Maddening Skies
Hidden In The Clouds Unseen,
A Thunderbolt Of Passion Strikes
Clouds Your Eyes – A Silken Screen;

Blinded Eyes Lead By Sunken Thoughts
That’d Lain Submerged In Unreal Lanes,
Vested Lies Dressed To Be Bought
Fiery Warmth In Pure Blue Veins;

Disparaging The Burning Rising Sun’s Claims
Lie Laughs; Stands Unshaken Tall;
Blind Eyes Carrying Wounded Hearts Lame
Lusts, Hurts, Tears In A Tumbling Windfall;

Yet Songs Wish To Be Sung
Hearts Gather In Beating Rhythm
To Honour Cruel Bolts; And Vicious Bells Rung,
To Sacrifice For A Veneer Of Holy Hymn….

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    11 Jul 2008 No Comment

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