Piyaar Ham Tum Say Kertay Hain

Piyaar Ham Tum Say Kertay Hain
Dil Say Tum Pe Mertay Hain

Pal Pal Aahain Bhartain Hain
Tez Apni Hi Dharkan Kerrtay Hain

Jab Hosh Mein Nahin Hain To Zara Thaam Lo
Kabhi To Hamaara Naam Lo

Dil Nay Siref Tumhi Ko Chahaa Hai
Zindagi Nay Bhi Tumhi Ko Saraha Hai

Tumhaaray Hi Hain Ham Jaan-E-Wafa
Iss Ishq Mein Jaani Tum Pe Fida

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06 Jun 2008 No Comment 8

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