Pichley Shaam Ke Raat The

Pichley Shaam Ke Raat The,
Tanhayi Aur Uski Yaad The

Chand Ne Mujh Se Kaha Kaun Hai Wo?
Maine Kaha Koi Khaas Nehe

Bhola Zindagi Kaise Hai?
Maine Kaha Koi Saat Nehe

Bola Phir Kya Chahtay Ho?
Maine Kaha Koi Aas Nehi

Bhola Tum Ne Pyar Kiya Hai?
Maine Kaha Kuch Yaad Nehe

Bola Tumhare Saat Be Dhoka Huwa?
Maine Kaha Aise Koi Baat Nehe

Bola Phir Ek Baat Kahoon Tum Se?
Maine Kaha Koi Aitraaz Nehi

Bola Phir Tum Ne Be Pyar Kiya Hai
Aur Ab Woh Tere Saat Nehi

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