Phir Aaj Koi Ghazal Teray Naam Na Ho Jaiay

Phir Aaj Koi Ghazal Teray Naam Na Ho Jaiay,
Aaj Kahein Likhtay Likhtay Sham Na Ho Jaiay,

Kar Raha Hon Intizar Tere Izhar-E-Mohabbat Ka,
Isi Intizar Mein Zindagi Tamaam Na Ho Jaiay,

Nahi Leta Tera Naam Sare-E-Aam Is Dar Say,
Kahein Naam Tera Badnaam Na Ho Jaiay,

Mangtaa H?n Dua Jub B Tu Yaad Aata Hai ,
K Judai Meray Piyar Ka Anjam Na Ho Jaiay,

Sochta H?n Darta H?n Aksar Tanhai Mein,
Us K Dil Mein Kisi Aur Ka Maqaam Na Ho Jaiay

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02 Nov 2008 No Comment 4

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