Petal of a Broken Rose

Who Knew What Love Was?
The Life Of One Another.
The Taste Of Freedom.
From All Of Humanity.

What I Say Too You Is A Break From A Pause.
Sometimes I Wonder If We’re Meant To Be.
I Close My Eyes And Try To See…
A Perfect Future When We’re Together,
Living In A World Happily.
I Sit And Think Of Ways To Work This Out;
Leaving Times Is When You Go Away For A While.

But I Cannot See You Coming Back.
Or Should I Let What I Thought We Had Just Slip Away From Me.
Do You Really Think I Want Someone Else?
I Want You, Only You To Be With My Lonesome Self!
I Want To Tell You That I Love You.
I Want To Be Yours, To Hold,

Until The Day.
The Special Day.
Will You Huggle Me And Say You Love Me?
Because I Would Do Anything For You To Be With Me Forever!
This Poem, It Comes Straight From The Beat Of My Lonesome Heart,
Where I Lay Ahead Of Life.
Waiting For You To Sweep Me Off My Feet.

Take Me In Your Arms;
It Will Be Oh So Sweet.
The Beat Of My Heart Breaks.
By The Time Of What Had Happened.
The Blood Of A Rose Drops From A Petal In The Thick Squeeze.
You See In Your Eyes That I Am Not The Person.
Life Is Full!
I Must End Till The Day I Return With A Heart.
Love Is The Air.
They Say They Do Not See It.
Love Is Not In The Air.
Love Is The Air.

I Live Until The Moment I Am Given To The Petal Of A Rose.
It Fills My Heart, As The Drops Are Filling The Break.
Drip, Drop…
He Is Here!
Cuddle Is The Life I Care For
Underneath The Red Garden. Fooled By The Thick Blood Of The Roses.
Pick The Right Destiny You Have. You Need To Live Every Moment Your Way.
Is This All I See?
Done With Breaks Of The Blood Spreading.
I Know This Is All.

I Look To The Sky As Love Passes By.
I Will Return Once The Heart Has Not Been Fooled.
By The Break That May Have Come Back.
Love, Is The Speciality You Should Know.
The Blink Of An Eye.
The Sadness Is Greater Than The Happiness Of Life.
Time Alone Is Spent As A Minute In A Day.

Every Part Counts As One.
So I See Myself Thinking Of What To Do.
How To Sort.
How To Start.
And How To End.
Gone! Silence And One Last Drop Of A Tear Falls On The Ground By The Touch Of Air.
The Softness Of A Tissue Sweeping Across My Eyes.
The Time Has Now Come.
It Is The Last Breath I Shall Take.

Brightly Heaven Is With Me.
I Livemy Own Life From Now On, By Time Spent Alone.
Lonesome Times!
Oh Lonesome World.
I’m In A Whole New World That I Shall Live.
Looking Up To The Sky Where The Angels Dance.
A Flash Of Light Down On Me.
I Have No Heart.
I Have No Fear.

I Have No Life.
But Until I Met You I Have Brought All That Back.
My Happiness Has Raised And My Love For You Is Amazing. :]
Time Together Forever And Ever And Ever And Ever.

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