Peering Into That Crystal Ball

I Went To A Physic
To Gaze Into My Future.
She Looked In My Eyes
And Started To Cry.

We Sat At The Table
Tossed The Bones
Flipped The Card.
The Fear In Her Face
Never Changed.

So She Brought Out The Orb,
That Sphere, Full Of Mist.
But She Couldnt Look In
For It Was Too Painful.
She Had To Leave
I Heard Her Throw Up.

Alone At That Table,
I Couldn’t Resist.
So I Peered Down That Ball,
And I Saw,
What I Already Knew.

Yearning Death
With A Swelling Heart.
Mean, Angered
And Unjust Suicide.
That Quick Loud Word.

Running That Blade
Down My Lungs.
Hurrying, Tumbling Waves Of Blood
Gushing Through My Mouth.
Praying This Final Breath
Will Never Last.

Quick-Broken Crests
Of Scarlet Tint
Slapping On The Floor.

Young Teen Staggering
So Curiously Below There.
Drooping Eyelids,
Losing Consciousness.

My Blood Bleeds
Bloody Tears.
Only To Die,
Slumped On The Floor.
The Blow.
The Quick Dull Thud.

Quietly Placed,
The Foul, Morbid Odor Falling.

And As My Life
Flickers Out.
I Start To Wonder…

Was This Morbid Reality Of Mine,
Nothing But Flashes And Specks

More Shayari by Kristofer Kries
27 Aug 2008 No Comment

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