Pee Kar Aaye They Duniya Mein

Pee Kar Aaye They Duniya Mein,Pee Kar Hi Jaayenge..
Pee Kar Maikhaane Mein, Naam Amar Kar Jaayenge..

Thodi-2 Din Mein Peete,Thodi Peete Raat Mein..
Jab Thodi Si Pyaas Lage,To Peete Hai Barsaat Mein….

Peena Ishq Ibadat Meri,Botal Hi Mehbuba Hai..
Duniya Se Begana Ye Dil,Pyar Mein Unke Duba Hai..

Marna Bhi Aasaan Lage,Jab Paimaana Ho Haath Mein..
Jab Thodi Si Pyaas Lage,To Peete Hai Barsaat Mein….

Baat Chali To Kehte Hai,Warna Chup Hi Rehte Hai..
Achche Ho Ya Bure,Sab Chup-2 Kar Peete Hai..

Pee Kar Kabhi Naa Kehte Hai Hum,Rehte Hai Aukaat Mein..
Jab Thodi Si Pyaas Lage,To Peete Hai Barsaat Mein….

Pee Kar Is Duniya Se Jaayenge,Jaam Rahega Haath Mein..
Jab Thodi Si Pyaas Lagegi,To Pee Lenge Barsaat Mein

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