Pata Nahi Dil Pathar Kive Banega

Pata Nahi Dil Pathar Kive Banega Odo
Osda Sehar Jad Chhad Ke Jana Pavega

Jaan Ta Kadd Layi Hai Osdi Nazar Ne
Khud Hun Aapna Janaza Othana Pavega

Osdi Nazdiki Kite Mainu Kamjor Na Kar Deve
Os To Dur Reh Ke Faasla Vadhaona Pavega

Mere Karke Badnami Na Os Nu Mil Jave
Ta Hi Duniya To Rishta Lukaona Pavega

Hazara Swala De Mai Jawab Ki Devagi
Dil Te Likhiya Osda Naam Mitaona Pavega

Dekh Ke Osnu Phir To Na Pigal Jave Eh Dil
Iss Dil Nu Phir To Samjhaona Pavega

Phir Koi Os Di Gal Na Asar Kar Jave Kite
Osdi Qatil Nazar To Khud Nu Bachaona Pavega

Mere Hunju Mere Dil Da Bhed Na Khol Den Kite
Jad Aayega Oh Samane Taa Muskarona Pavega

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04 Aug 2008 No Comment 6

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