Pardon My Insecurities

Does A Heart Not Beat After It Is Taken Out,
Does It Not Feel The Cool Breeze Or
The Endless Summers,
Or A Touch Of Another,
How Do You Mend A Broken Heart?

Do You Turn It Off Like A Light Switch,
If It Was A Light Switch,
Does It Shine As Bright Or Does It Burn Out Immediately,
Does It Complicate Emotions,
Or Does Dull Them Out Like A Unsharpened Knife,

I Took A Single Emotion And Amplified It,
I Let It Take Control Of Me,
I Just Never Knew The Consequences,

If I Could Mend You Heart I Would,
If I Can Make Things Right Let Me,
If I Could Take All The Pain Away Just Let Me,

Eyes Lit With Water, Streaming Down Your Cheeks,
How Could I Let This Happen?
Why Did I Let The Past Haunt Me?
You Deserved Better Then That,
You Deserved Nothing But The Best,

I Took A Friendship And Ripped The Heart Out,
I Took What Was Already Delicate And Ruffled It,
I Never Knew That Emotion Until I Saw Your Eyes,
The Pain Was Hard To Bear,
I Wanted To Cry,

I Can’t Change The Speed That We Went,
I Can’t Change The Hurt That Was Made,
I Hope You Let The Wound Heal,
I Hope That You Give Me A Fresh Chance,
The Chance To Get To Know You,
Which Is All I Really Wanted,

I Hope That We Can Put Aside The Uncomfortable Situations,
I Hope That We Can Be Free Of Hurt,
I Hope We Can Talk And Laugh,
Be Honest With Each Other To Avoid Complications

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    05 Jul 2008 No Comment 1

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