Parde Parde Mein Aataab Achchhe Nahiin

Parde Parde Mein Aataab Achchhe Nahiin
Aise Andaaz-E-Hijaab Achchhe Nahiin

Mayakade Mein Ho Gaye Chup-Chaap Kyon
Aaj Kuchh Mast-E-Sharaab Achchhe Nahiin

Ai Falak Kyaa Hai Zamaane Kii Bisaat
Dam-Ba-Dam Ke Inqalaab Achchhe Nahiin

Bazm-E-Vaaiz Be-Sharaan Achchhe Nahiin
Aise Jalase Be-Sharaab Achchhe Nahiin

Taubaa Kar Len Ham May-O-Maashuuq Se
Be-Mazaa Hain Ye Savaab Achchhe Nahiin

Ik Najuumii “Daag” Se Kahataa Thaa Aaj
Aap Ke Din Ai Janaab Achchhe Nahiin

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06 Nov 2008 No Comment 7

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