Palat Ker Kab Aata Hay Guzra Zamana

Palat Ker Kab Aata Hay Guzra Zamana
Younhi Guzer Jaata Hay Guzra Zamana

Phur Sy Urr Jaay Jesy Parinda
Esy Urr Jaata Hy Guzra Zamana

Fasl E Wasl Ho Ya Hijr Ho
Her Pal Sataata Hy Guzra Zamana

Guzry Logon Ki Guzer Gaah Per
Phir Sy Chalaata Hy Guzra Zamana

Sookhy Patty Kitabon Main Pa Ker
Dil Ko Jalaata Hy Guzra Zamana

Guzry Jab Kisi Ki Yaad Main
Yaad Buht Aata Hy Guzra Zamana

Guzer Ker Phir Wahien Thehra Howa
Hans Ker Bulaata Hy Guzra Zamana

Ro Ro Ker Hans Hans Ker Kabhi
Hansata Hy Rulata Hy Guzra Zamana

Muddatein Hoien Muddaton Baad
Ham Ko Milata Hy Guzra Zamana

Koi Samjhy Ya Na Samjhy Figar
Asli Chehra Dikhata Hy Guzra Zamana

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