Painting The Day Before Sunshine

Painting The Day Before Sunshine Meets My Eyes
Turning A Yawn Into A Flattering Smile Of The Morning
As The Wind Waves A Beautiful Hello,
Swearing One Fine Day.

About To Begin My Day,
Plain N Ordinary, Though, As It Was
A Little Prayer, A Little Thought Silenced The Second
To Fall N Be Catch,
Soon Be My State Of Emotion

Endless They Say Love Stories Serenade Lovers,
When Boy Meets Girl,
Mozart Could Write A Thousand Lines
I Sigh, A Frustrated Poet I Become
From Those Pieces I Collected From The Moods Of Thy Pen
N Through The Lips Of A Hopelessly Romantic Readers
I Plea,
One Fine Man Comes My Way

Morning Runs Through My Shoulder,
The Busy Crowd Only Minds Lovers’ Display Of Affection
These Jealous Eyes Murmur,
Whose Hands Shall I Hold,
The Stranger’s Arm I Beg To Embrace
To Be Safe N Warm
As I Dream N Travel

Upon The Road I Ride,
Sway Before The Hands Of The Clock
Wherever I Bring My Sight,
Hoping An Attention That Could Last,
Yet None Seems To Notice

I Pause, Freeze Thy Conscience,
Though Tight N Strong
Slowly This Waiting Tires My Patience

As Time Stand Near Its Sunset
Thy Faith Seat Still, Where All Conversation Looses Words
He’ll Come I Believe,
Into His Own Serendipity
This Mysterious Thing Called Love Will Soon Catch Its Hundred Sleep
Tomorrow, The Cold Night Surrender To Its Longing
One Fine Surprise Welcomes
One Fine Winter Day.

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12 Jul 2008 No Comment

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