Aapki Baatein Sunane Ki Tammanna, Hume Aaj Bhhi Hoti Hai,
Yeh Baat Aur Hai, Mere Saamne Aap Kisi Aur Ki Baatein Karti Hain

Aappki Aankhon Ko Dekhne Ki Tammanna, Hume Aaj Bhi Hoti Hai,
Yeh Baat Aur Hai, Unn Aankhon Mein Kisi Aur Ki Surat Hoti Hai

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For One Final Time…
I Can See Your Smile As Beautiful As Drops Of Rain On The Petals Of A Flower

I Can Hear Your Voice As Sweet As The Song Of The Birds At The Dawn
I Can See Your Eyes As Innocent As A Child Who Has Jus Taken Birth

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Wo Mere Alfaz Se Hairan Rehta Tha,
Main Uske Zoq Se Pareshan Rehta Tha,

Be-Wafa Keh Diya Sar-E Aam Uss Ne,
Phir Na Jane Kyun Khud Se Pareshan Rehta Tha,

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Best Illusion Painting Ever Zombie Bottle Opener Lightning Rod Ohh God, I Love This Song Whatttt, This is Not For Me? One Of The Scariest Tattoo Awesome Staircase, Looks Like A Bulb Big Guy Small Camera Want A Heart Like This A Picture Of A Very Shy Tiger

I Walked With You Down The Bright City Streets.
It Meant So Much More Than Walking Alone.
Could It Have Been Any Better? Probably So.
But That Kind Of Perfection I Don’t Care To Know.
We Are Terribly Flawed People But When We Walked Side By Side
The Deepest Imperfection Seemed Alright.
No One Could Touch Us Or Cramp Our Style.
We Had Fearless Stride.

Those Steps Taken, No Matter How Few
Are The Best Memories Of Me And You.
And Now That You’re Gone I Must Walk Alone.
I Miss The Simplest Thing, Walking With You.
For That I Bemoan.
If Given The Chance I’d Tread The Longest Mile,
Be In Rain Or Snow. Just To Find You, Be Near You And
Walk With You Once More.

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Meri Nazar Se Dekhoge To Ajeeb Sa Manzar Paoge
Meri Har Gazal Ke Dard Ko Mehsoos Karke Dekh
Sagar Se Bhi Gehri Hai Kabhi Doob Kar To Dekh !
Us Nadi Ka Dard Tu Bhi Jaan Jayegi .
Uski Tarah Tu Bhi Kabhi Sookh Kar To Dekh !
Chaho Agar Banana Mere Jaisa To Mere Dost ..
Meri Tarah Apni Hasraton Ko Mayoos Karke Dekh
Us Mod Par Jo Jaa Raha Hai Aks Hai Mera ..
Uski Mohabbat Ko Kabhi Mahsoos Karke Dekh !
Fir Tum Bhi Jaan Jaoge Tanhaai Ki Baatein ..
Awaaz Ko Apni Kabhi Khaamosh Karke Dekh

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Ab To Kisi Bhi Baat Pe, Etbaar Nahi Hota
Hote Hain Bas Samjhaute Dilon Ke, Koi Pyaar Nahi Hota…

Kitna Bhi Samjha Len Hum, Is Dil-E-Naadaan Ko
Ek Qatra Kabhi, Koi Saagar Nahi Hota…

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Until You Own Up To What You Did There Is Nothing More To Be Said Between Us
No Excuses And No More Lies
Don’t You Think At Least Owe Me That Much?
Everything I Gave To You Including My Heart I Want Back
Ram Bam Thank You Pam
Whatever Made You Think Things Between Us Could Be So Simple?
Only A Fling?
Only A Piece Of Meat To Have Your Fun With And Then Throw Away?
Don’t You Dare Believe That Even For A Second You Can Be Rid Of Me So Easily

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Tujhe Yaad Kiya Har Pal Bhool Jaane Ke Bahane Se,

Ek Tu Hai Ki Saamne Se Guzar Jaane Par Bhi Hamein Pehchanta Nahi Hain,

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Muntarib Hun Apne Gum-E-Fasaane Ka
Taakat-E-Bedaad-E-Intezar Dekh Tere Deewane Ka

Haasil To Hai Mujhe Ahad-E-Wafa Teri
Ab Nateeza Jo Bhee Ho Tere Parwane Ka

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Kyun Hamein Satate Ho Kyun Hamein Tadpate Ho
Jab Pyaar Hum Se Karte Ho Tu Ihsaas Kyun Nahi Dilate Ho
Kehte Ho Ke Tumhein Kisi Ki Chah Nahi
Phir Kyun Har Dua Main Kisi Ko Mangte Nazar Aate Ho
Kehte Ho Ke Hum Se Door Reh Kar Bahut Khush Ho
Phir Kyun Kisi Ki Gham-E-Judai Main Aansun Bahate Nazar Aate Ho
Kehte Ho Ke Tumhein Hamara Intezaar Nahi Rehta
Phir Kyun Har Ahet Par Chook Se Jate Ho

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