Pyaar Kar Ke Pachtaaye, Hum Wafa Kar Ke Bhi Pachtaaye
Ishq Laaya Humei Aise Mod Per, Ki Aitbaar Kar Ke Bhi Pachtaaye

Hum Ne Ki Thi Khata Kya, Jo Sazaa Payee Hei Humne Ish Kadar
Na Huva Humse Koi Kasoor, Par Hum Khataa Na Kar Ke Bhi Pachtaaye

Ho Jaata Hei Jabh Vakt Ye Bewafa, Tabh Dosh De Hum Kisi Ko Kya
Gilaa Kare Zindagi Ka Hum Kya, Hum Paida Ho Kar Bhi Pachtaaye…

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25 Dec 2007 No Comment 6

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