Paas Rehkar Na Kuch Mehsoos Kiya Maine

Paas Rehkar Na Kuch Mehsoos Kiya Maine,
Dor Jaate Hi Too Yaad Aaya To Akhir Kyun?

Pyar,Ishq Aur Muhabbat Ke Kisse Sunata Tha Magar,
Sab Jaan Kar Bhi Dil Maine Lagaya To Akhir Kyun?

Muhabbat Par Yakein Tha Tumhe Bhi Mujhe Bhi,
Phir Toote Dil Ko Tumne Aazmaya To Akhir Kyun?

Tum Na Milte To Gham-E-Jahan Se Mar Hi Gaya Tha Main,
Doobne Wale Ko Khuda Ne Bachaya To Akhir Kyun?

Judai Mein Teri Til Til Mar Rehe The Hum To Phir,
Dilake Zindagiki Aas Mujhko Paas Bulaya To Akhir Kyun?

Mere Baare Mein Sochte Rehte Ho Aur Kehte Ho Ki Ishq Nahi,
Phir Mere Hisse Ka Gham Tumne Uthaya To Akhir Kyun?

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