Paas Mere Tha Sub Kuch Ab Kuch Bhi Paas Nahi

Paas Mere Tha Sub Kuch Ab Kuch Bhi Paas Nahi
Saath Tayra Tha Sub Kuch Ab Kuch Bhi Saath Nahi

Tayra Aehsaas Is Terhaan Basa Howa Hai Dil Main
Jis Terhaan Dil Dharakta Hai Seenay Main

Tumhay Yaad Ker Ke Ajj Bhi Ye Dil Roota Hai
Tumharay Loutnay Ke Liye Ajj Bhi Ye Dil Tarupta Hai

Zindagi Ki Hasratoon Main Se Ek Hasrat Ho Tum
Mere Dil Main Basi Hoye Her Ek Saans Ho Tum

Ye Kesay Ho Sakta Hai Ke Tumhay Bhool Jaoon
Tumhay Bhool Jaoon Yani Apni Dharkun Ko Bhool Jaoon

Beeti Batoon Ko Yaad Ker Ke Rojata Hai Ye Dil
Tyari Yadoon Tayri Batoon Main Kho Jata Hai Ye Dil

Paas Mere Tha Sub Kuch Ab Kuch Bhi Paas Nahi
Saath Mere Tha Sub Kuch Ab Kuch Bhi Saath Nahi

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