Our Lives Are Like Our Gardens

Our Lives Are Like Our Gardens We Must Reap The Seeds We Sow
And Our Past It Seems To Follow Us To Everywhere We Go
For The Wrongs I’ve Done To Others To Karma I Must Pay
The Universal Consciousness Catches Up With Us One Day
Perhaps I Have A Problem To None I Tip My Hat
And I’ve Been Called A Godless Person And Even Worse Than That
But In The Akhasic Records The Karma I Accumulate
Is The Karma That Awaits Me On A Not Too Distant Date,
My Only God Is A Goddess I See Her Every Day
And I Hear Her Music In The Bird Song In The Wood Across The Way
She Has Been Around Forever And My Wonder Of Her Grow
And We Are Like Her Seasons To And From Life We Come And Go
And The Karma That Awaits Me I Will Deserve That’s For Sure
For I’m Far Removed From Perfect And My Thoughts Are Far From Pure.

More Shayari by Francis Duggan
27 Jun 2008 No Comment 9

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