Our journey..

You are away for me and i think you are here
My feelings for you stay alive in my heart And my body stay awake when you speak
How can this happend,how can this be real? But my eyes see your natural beauty,
my hands want to touch you..to give you the pleasure you are looking for..
I want to feel your body push mine and your heart giving me your love..
Under this erotic scene when our souls at last will become one
To see your eyes looking deep mine searching for my deepest thoughts
When my breath will be weak from your power of love
And loneliness give me wings,to fly near you when you are sleeping..
And my mind make a war with my heart,until i decide..
But i can’t be nothing more than this i am..
A girl that wants you in her life no matter what will happen.
Yes i want to give you my hand,to let you see who i am
And as i am dreaming of you,my heart wake up..
To show me that i really care about you..and i want you by my side
And let you explorer my heart,my body,my mind..
You don’t need ticket for these places,only your love
And you are ready to start..


by christie_gr 

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03 Feb 2019 No Comment 2

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