Our Crazy Love Poem

We Are Such A Cliché
We Are Both So Contrary
Two Poles In Different Ends
But Our Love’s Pull Is So Scary

I Saw You Over There
And Then I Knew I Was Sold
Couldn’t Reason Anymore
Didn’t Se The Risk That Would Unfold

I Just Kept Looking Into Your Eyes
Didn’t Know What Your Love Would Bring
It Wasn’t Easy Falling In Love With You
You Crazy Pretty Young Thing

Oh, This Love Of Ours
It Has Become So Tough
I See Now We Aren’t For Each Other
But I Just Can’t Get Enough

What Have We Become?
Is It Time For Us To Flee?
I Know, Yes I Just Know
This Is Not How It Should Be

But Then I Look Into Your Eyes
I Know What Your Love Can Bring
It Is Not Easy Being In Love With You
You Crazy Pretty Young Thing

Fighting, Always Swearing
We Keep Hurting Each Other
Love So Passionately At Night
But At Daybreak You Become Another

Should We Give Up And Leave
Or Should We Try To Stay
Our Love Has Become So Difficult
I Think Its Time To Own Up And Say

We Can’t Look Into Each Others’ Eyes
We Know What This Love Will Bring
It Wasn’t Easy Being In Love With You
You Crazy Pretty Wonderful Beautiful Thing

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27 Jun 2008 No Comment 3

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