Open The Window

Open The Window To The Dawn
And Allow The Free Breeze

To Enter My Room Rich Of Life
With The Perfume Of The Acacias In Spring.

Draw As Soon As You Are Able,
A Rainbow Not In A Sky Dark Of Clouds

But Clear, Of Such A Blue
That More Blue Is Not Possible.

And When It Will Rain…
You Will Teach Me That The Rain

Is Only A Dance Of Cheerful Drops
That Burnt Earth Will Drink

Because New Flowers Must Be Born.
Tell Me If It Is So Much Difficult

To Dance On A Cloud Or To Build A House
In A Pink Sunset Down There Beyond The Horizon.

And Tell Me If “i Love You” Can Be Said
There Where Time Isn’t Time Anymore…

On The Line Of The Eternity.
Convince Me That The Love

That I Have In My Heart
Has A Motive To Exist…
Because There Is No Sense To Live,Otherwise

More Shayari by Amanush Danny
13 Sep 2008 No Comment

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