One Night In Suffolk

She Came Into The Room Like The Sun
Burning Bright And Casting Light
On Everything And Everyone
Her Movements Were Warm And Elegant
Like One Of Beethoven’s Better Symphonies
And The Whole Night I Was Looking At Her
She Was Looking At Me
We Held Hands
And Drove Through The Rain
That Didn’t Know
It Was Mainly Supposed To Fall
On Spanish Plains
But No Amount Of Water
Could Put A Damper On Our Plans
That Night
Headlights On Houses
Each One Further From The Next
Until We Came To A Barn
That Seemed Secluded Enough
And Decided To Stay The Night
We Slipped Off Our Wet Clothes
And Made Known
Our Sexualities To The World
Or At Least As Much Of The World
That Was Present
In The Barn That Night
Her Skin Was Made Of Flower Petals
Stitched Together With Moonbeams And Starlight
And She Smelled Like A New Idea=
And Through The Darkness
I Could See The Look In Her Eyes
And I Knew It Was Time
To Lay By Her Side
And Count The Raindrops
Pitter Pattering On The Muddied Ground
The Next Day
I Awoke In The Hay
And Before I Could Say
One Word
She Flew Like A Bird
From My Sight
With Nothing To Show
For My Near Perfect Night
Except For The Mud On My Shoes
And My New Found Blues

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26 Nov 2020 No Comment 1

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